The " Pure life CONCEPT " is a service of image treatment and counsulting, absolutely innovative in Portugal. the concept is now based in Hospital Cuf Infante Santo and Hospital Da Luz, the two leading private hospitals in Portugal, both located in Lisbon, in the Oncology Department.

Claúdia Piloto, the image treatment specialist, is intended to monitor women who, as consequence of the oncologic disease - Chemotherapy - Dermatological diseases, have to face hair loss, or skin disorders.

Acceptance has to be main point worked, when the pacient starts losing hair, and after that, is when you come find us, and stop fighting alone!

All pacients need to understand that the treatment has a beggining, middle and end, and that the hair loss is only temporary. By creating a relationship with the pacients, and taking advantage of the professional experience specialized in image treatment, Cláudia Piloto, helps overcome the different stages of oncologic pacients in the treatment process, for a well-being of the same.


For some women, losing hair is one of the biggest challenge of life, during Chemiotherapy.


Treatment side effects

After the nausea and vomites, hair loss is one of the biggest side effects of chemeotherapy. This happens because the chemicals act on the cancer cells and heathy cells, as well. First affects the cells that multiply faster, such as hair follicles, responsable of the hair production. Besides the hair loss, chemeotherapy also does body hair loss. 

"Chemeotherapy is a continuous treatment, because the medicine is injected into the vein and released into the bloodstream, covering the entire body and causing hair loss"

The hair loss is not immediate, it starts 14 to 21 days after the first chemeotherapy session. After the end of the treatment, the hair starts growing in the next 90 days. The use of special shampoos or lotions does not prevent the hair loss. Despite women are more consern about the hair loss, it is the same for men, and the age does not influence.

Hair Protheses (wigs - synthetic or natural)

The hair protheses are natural or synthetic. The natural ones, can be identical to the original hair of the patient, from color, texture, brightness and cut.

One of the objectives of this service, helps increase the pacient self-esteem. It is easier to overcome treatment without being ashamed. The protheses are transformative, they let the patient live a normal life, instead as living as a sick person, but as a woman, mother and friend. without the protheses, the patients feel more vulnerable, even the bravest, may feel "stuck" by being bald, too.

The Pure Life Concept also focus on a healthy hair growth after the hair loss.

Not all chemeotherapy causes hair loss, but even if it doesn't, the hair will grow weaker. this difference occurs because there is a group of chemicals that causes this type of side effect. According to doctors, the most common types of side effect of cancer that requires a stronger treatment, such as breast cancer, leukemia and lymphomas, are combated with drugs that causes the hair loss. the dose applied in each patient also influences the hair loss, so that part is left to the doctor, Pure Life doesn't focus on the desease it self, but in his healing,we believe that with our help, the emotional part worket, is 50% of the cure.

"It takes patience during the process". The hair care and hygiene habits need to be special, and Pure Life developed detoxification techniques.

Following the various stages of the hair after the tratment,  after two years in average, the patient can use a convencional hairdresser.

We only use 100% natural shampoos with no salt, no sulphates and paraben free. We make an organic "detox" hair care, we work with Terracotas 100% natural and brandsthat focus on regeneration and protection of the skin. These products, are used in oncology for over 25 years, all 100% natural.